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Set in Jamaica at Easter, the movie takes you through the conflicts between a Christian teen and her worldly brother, a husband and wife and the influences of their visiting relatives. With the underlying theme that tomorrow is promised to no-one, Just Another Friday provides a stark reminder that old and young alike need God.

Just Another Friday is produced in partnership with Jamaica Youth for and its drama ministry, ACTS 12.

The members of the cast are mostly involved in the Jamaica Youth for Christ Drama ministry, ACTS 12. They are joined by several members of the Gospel music fraternity who lend their talents to the production.

CEDRIC SIMPSON is played by OMAR LETFORD, former Director of Ministries for Jamaica Youth for Christ and co-host of the television show, Gospel Rhythms.

MARCIA SIMPSON, Cedric’s wife, is played by KAYLA WILSON, active dramatist with Acts 12.

LEON SIMPSON, the wayward son, is played by ARTHUR ALLEN, the Director of Acts 12 Drama Ministry.

SONIA SIMPSON, the over-saved daughter, is played by University student VANESSA CLARKE, a finalist in the 2012 Miss Kingston Festival Queen.

HOWARD THOMPSON leads the family. MARC HASSE, theology student and aspiring minister brings a sobering character to the role.

CELIA THOMPSON, Marcia’s sister, is played by Gospel Artiste DENEESE WRIGHT who also lends her music to the soundtrack.

KELLY THOMPSON, the recently saved daughter is played by University student VENESSA WATSON.

JOHN, Leon’s best friend who is determined to head down the wrong path, is played by veteran actor ANDREW JONES, whose directing expertise has also touched this project.

REV. DEXTER JOHNSON plays himself, a man of God with a heart for the youth and lost souls.

“GLOCK” the don who remains mostly in the shadows is played by award winning Gospel recording artiste MINISTER LUBERT LEVY, whose music is also on the soundtrack. 

Mikey - Oral “NexChange” Reid, Gospel Artiste
Trevor - Leonardo Grandison
Blu ISteppa, Gospel Artiste
Courtney Harris

A BarriVision Films production 

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Jamaica Youth for Christ



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Judith Falloon-Reid

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72 hour streaming period

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