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After the tragic death of his friend, John turns to God and feverishly begins to work in the community where he was once a member of Glock’s gang.  Armed with his newfound faith and with Sonia, his friend’s sister, as his girlfriend and ministry partner, he sets up a community center to assist the youth and needy families.  But he soon finds himself on a collision course with Glock and Blu, John’s replacement in the gang as well as Rammy Don, an ambitious young gangster. As Sonia faces her own doubts she must also deal with her family’s lingering pain of losing a loved one and the impending death of another.  John finds himself with a tough decision and his life on the line. How much can his faith withstand?

The members of the cast are mostly involved in the Jamaica Youth for Christ Drama ministry, ACTS 12. They are joined by several members of the Gospel music fraternity who lend their talents to the production.


JOHN, Leon’s best friend who has changed his life and is working to change his community, is played by veteran actor ANDREW JONES, whose directing expertise has also touched this project.

“GLOCK” the Area Don is played by award winning Gospel recording artiste MINISTER LUBERT LEVY, whose music is also on the soundtrack. 


BLU, a scheming, double-crossing gang member is played by Blu ISteppa, Gospel Artiste


MIKEY, John's friend who sits on the fence of both good and bad sides is played by Oral “NexChange” Reid, Gospel Artiste

CEDRIC SIMPSON is played by OMAR LETFORD, former Director of Ministries for Jamaica Youth for Christ and co-host of the television show, Gospel Rhythms.

MARCIA SIMPSON, Cedric’s wife, is played by KAYLA WILSON, active dramatist with Acts 12.

SONIA SIMPSON, the over-saved daughter, is played by University student VANESSA CLARKE, a finalist in the 2012 Miss Kingston Festival Queen.

KELLY THOMPSON, the recently saved daughter is played by University student VENESSA WATSON.

REV. DEXTER JOHNSON plays himself, a man of God with a heart for the youth and lost souls.

JOHN'S MOTHER, a prayer warrior is played by Pastor Faye Silvera, a prayer warrior in real life.

A BarriVision Films production 

in association with

Jamaica Youth for Christ



Michael B. Brown

Judith Falloon-Reid



Judith Falloon-Reid

Michael B. Brown

Andrew Jones



Michael B. Brown



Judith Falloon-Reid



Michael B. Brown

Arif Butler


72 hour streaming period

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