The Gift Everlasting

Release date: November 2014


Set in Kingston, Jamaica, The Gift Everlasting explores the dynamics of the Mongrove family during the 20th anniversary of the husband and wife, James and Joan Mongrove. The extravagant celebrations planned to celebrate the milestone is a farce because the couple has drifted apart and the once cohesive family is now in turmoil. James is a workaholic who provides very well for his family, materially, but is emotionally distant. His wife, Joan, the home maker, has no material needs but is starved for affection and attention.


The children, Toni (18) and Casey (16) are aware that the family is in trouble but are unsure of how to deal with it. Toni is concerned and wants to do her part to stabilize the family. Casey, however, is more self-centered and prepared to let the chips fall where they may as long as her standard of living is not compromised.  


As the plot unfolds it exposes the effects of neglect and misplaced priorities on the family as both parents seek consolation and comfort from all the wrong places. Hours before the big event, things take a dramatically wrong turn, threatening the success of the evening’s event and the future of the entire family.  

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