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David & Deborah, Defenders of the Truth



David and Deborah, Defenders of the Truth, teach us all the importance of being honest and doing the right thing even when no one is watching.. A production of Jamaica Youth for Christ and BarriVision Films.

Released 2022 - Runtime:  6 mins 45 secs

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72 hour streaming period

Just Another Friday 2

After the tragic death of his friend, John turns to God and feverishly begins to work in the community where he was once a member of Glock’s gang.  Armed with his newfound faith and with Sonia, his friend’s sister, as his girlfriend and ministry partner, he sets up a community center to assist the youth and needy families.  But he soon finds himself on a collision course with Glock and Blu, John’s replacement in the gang as well as Rammy Don, an ambitious young gangster. As Sonia faces her own doubts she must also deal with her family’s lingering pain of losing a loved one and the impending death of another.  John finds himself with a tough decision and his life on the line. How much can his faith withstand?

Released 2018

Runtime: 1hr 24 mins

70 X 7 POSTER .png

70 x Seven

L.J. is a superstar - or at least he was until his life spun out of control. In an effort to stay out of prison, he returns home to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, to chill out and relax while he gets his life together. Or so he thought. News of his demise went ahead of him and now he's stuck at a crossroads, caught up in a war between those who want him there and those who don't. With the Gospel Rhythms Song Competition in full swing, battle lines are drawn, secrets revealed and faith is tested.

Released 2017

Runtime: 1hr 26 mins

72 hour streaming period


The Gift Everlasting tells the story of James, a workaholic husband who provides well materially for his family and Joan his neglected and distracted wife. 
On their 20th anniversary, Joan’s well planned celebration is doomed as James callously dismisses the importance of the day. Caught in the middle of the declining relationship are their teen-aged daughters and the home wreckers in the form of Phillip the gym instructor and Sandra, James’ office administrator, waiting in the wings to pick apart the marriage.

Released 2015

Runtime: 1hr 25 mins

72 hour streaming period


Just Another Friday

Set in Jamaica at Easter, the movie takes you through the conflicts between a Christian teen and her worldly brother, a husband and wife and the influences of their visiting relatives. With the underlying theme that tomorrow is promised to no-one, Just Another Friday provides a stark reminder that old and young alike need God.

Released 2013

Runtime: 1hr 40 mins

72 hour streaming period

iwitness poster 1.PNG


An unwilling witness to a horrific crime is forced to tell her story repeatedly, until exhausted and frustrated, she reveals the one, most important detail she had previously omitted. 


Released 2018

Run time: 16 minutes


Escape to Bird Island

A short film that takes you on a boat trip to Bird Island in the Bogue Islands, part of the Montego Bay Marine Park.


Released 2019

Run time: 8 minutes

PHOTO-2018-10-20-08-37-13 7.jpg

A Deep Breath

A short film that shows how the Earth enjoyed being free of humans during COVID.

Released June 2020

Run time: 5 minutes

MOVIE POSTER reduced.jpg

Aaah-Inspiring Antarctica

A Jamaican on Ice

A thought-provoking 16-minute film about my experience but more importantly, about the changing experiences of the wildlife and ice caps being affected by climate change and the effects this will have on us all. After all, we have but one Earth

Runtime: 14 minutes

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