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For the past few years Cecile had been living a lie. Well, not completely a lie but certainly not the entire truth. Cecile had waited too many years for the man of her dreams. After wasting so many years on bad decisions, heartache and physical abuse, she thought her struggles were finally over. Her children were now grown and it was time to live for herself. Or so she thought. Her past failures, failed relationships and deep seated insecurities followed her wherever she went prohibiting her from enjoying what little peace she found. Relentless in her pursuit of happiness, she draws upon her inner strength to survive and absorbs lessons from the other women in her life. Still she is restless. She digs deeper, fighting the urge to run away and hide from her life, her man and her God.

Here's a Hundred Dollars...Buy Yourself a Life! by Judith Falloon-Reid

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